Christ in the City

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

One of my favorite Christmas songs…just thought I’d share!

In The Tide: New Song!

One of the things I love about traveling is getting to meet people. People from all over, from various walks of life, and hearing their stories. I am so blessed by the people who come in my life and share their story, their heart with me. Within one week I had 2 different people, a […]

You Don’t Know Me

How often have you heard through the gossip mill that so and so said such and such about you? And fuming, you thought to yourself, “Well dang it! how dare they! they don’t know me at all!” Or you have a chat with someone and the whole time you’re thinking ‘Wow…they still see me as […]


They say a picture can say a thousand words. So I’m going to use this to express what my trip to Haiti was. Let me know what you think!!!

I Almost Died

I almost died. No really. I’m serious. I realized I hadn’t really filled you guys in on some of the crazy stories of the summer. July 2011. I was driving back to Ohio after playing a gig near Louisville Ky, the radio was actually off and I was just kind of thinking…praying for all the […]

Photo Shoot!

Photo Shoot in Jersey! See what pictures you like best…I’ll probably be using some of them for my upcoming EP….